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Dr Jyoti Jhangiani, Ph.D Tarot & Healings, Common Wealth Vocational University, WMA-USA Certified Tarot Master Instructor, Professional Tarot Master Consultant, Certified Reiki Grand Master & Professional Numerologist

Tarot Card Reading ~ Numerology ~ Reiki

WMA-USA Certified Tarot Master Instructor, Professional Tarot Master Consultant, Certified Reiki Master & Numerologist


Jyoti Jhangiani

Dr Jyoti Jhangiani is a Commerce Post graduate from Mumbai University, she has done certificate course in Home science and Montessori training. She has done Ph.D – Doctorate in Tarot & Healing from Common Wealth Vocational University (Kingdom of Tonga). She is also a certified Reiki Grand Master, Numerologist and certified Tarot Master Instructor and Professional Tarot Master Consultant from World Metaphysical Association USA.

Dr Jyoti is a renowned International Tarot Card Reader and an award winner, who specialises in Tarot Card Reading, Numerology and Reiki. She is tagged as a Celebrity Astrologer and Bollywood Tarot Card Reader & Numerologist with the considerable size of her Clientele that ranges from Media personalities to Politicians to Businessmen to Students so on. To name a few – Ambanis, Salgaonkars, Modys, etc…

Dr.Jyoti Jhangiani provides REIKI Healings services free of cost to all the needy living beings as a small contribution to the society.

In addition to the above, Dr Jyoti Jhangiani is  an AMBASSADOR of H.F.F – Humanity First Foundation (A National Human Rights Organisation)

Currently she is doing an Astro Tv show on Astrovani Channel – Airtel DTH


Awards & Accolades received by Dr Jyoti Jhangiani for her outstanding contribution in the field of Tarot, Numerology & Reiki:


  • “BOLD International Women’s Day Award 2017” – Mumbai, for Valuable contribution to the society in the field of Tarot, Reiki & Numerology.
  • “Entrepreneurs Award 2017 & Educationist Award 2017” – Navi Mumbai, by Indo Global Chambers of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture for Tarot, Numerology & Reiki.
  • “Good Karma Awards” 2016-17 by The Speaking Tree (The Times Of India Publication) – Delhi, for Reiki Healing.
  • “Ancient Astrology Award” 2016 – Goa, for consistently superior, exceptional and significant contribution in the field of Tarot reading.
  • “Friends of International Sindhis” Award 2016 – Mumbai,  for my services in the field of Tarot, Numerology & Reiki in Bollywood.
  • “4th H.F.F. Festival ” Awards 2016, for being an Ambassador of Humanity First Foundation.
  • “Bharitya Sindhu Sabha” Award 2016 – Mumbai, as Reiki Master For Providing Free Reiki Healing Services.
  • “5th Shivraj Mudra Chatrapati Shivaji Awards” 2016 – Mumbai, As Bollywood Tarot Reader & Numerologist.
  • “Mumbai Global Achiever’s Award” 2015 – Mumbai. As Bollywood Tarot Reader And Numerologist.
  • “Paraj Sparsh’s 2nd Mumbai Short Film Festival Award” 2015 – Mumbai, As Bollywood Tarot Reader.
  • “Long Time Achievement Awards”, 2015 – Mumbai, for performing best in Tarot-Numerology-Reiki.
  • “12th RK Excellence International Award”, 2015 – Mumbai, As Excellent Bollywood Astrologer Of The Year, For Her  Attainments And Services Rendered To The Mankind.
  • “Indian Icon Awards”, 2015 – Mumbai, for Extra Ordinary Services And Outstanding Contribution Towards Building The Nation.
  • “Aaj Ki Delhi Awards”, 2015 – Delhi, For Best Fortune Teller & Healer.
  • “Diamond Of India Award”, 2015 – Karnal, for Outstanding Individual Achievements & Distinguished Services To The Nation.
  • “Business and Entertainment Global Awards” 2015 – Mumbai, for Tarot, Numerology & Reiki.
  • “IMA AWARDS 2014, Pune, for Best Tarot Master & Numerologist.
  • “Derrick Angelz World Alternative Therapy Recognition & Fellowship Awards” 2014, Mumbai, for Tarot & Numerology.
  • “Shivraj Mudra Chatrapati Awards” 2013, Mumbai, for Best Tarot Reader.
  • “International Spiritual & Hindu Mythology Awareness” (ISHMA) Awards 2013, Mumbai, for Par Excellence in Tarot Reading & Teaching.



  • “Astrovani” Channel, Mumbai 2017, as a Tarot Master, Numerology Expert & Reiki Grand Master.
  • “Tv9” Channel, Mumbai, 2017,  Tarot & Numerology Predictions for 23rd Sept 2017 – Dooms Day
  • “Mi Marathi” Channel, Mumbai 2014, as a Numerologist, Predictions On Lok Sabha Elections.
  • “CNTV” , Mumbai 2014, Interview On Receiving Derrick Angelz Awards For Tarot & Numerology.
  • “India Bureau” TV, Mumbai 2013, Interview On Receiving Ishma Awards For Tarot Reading & Teaching.
  • “Careworld ” Channel , Mumbai 2013, Telecast of ISHMA AWARDS.
  • “MyTv Channel” – “Bhavishya Phal Sitaron Se Hal” Live Tv Show, Mumbai 2012 as a Tarot Master & Numerologist.
  • “MyTv Channel” – “Astrotalk” Live Tv Show, Mumbai 2012 as a Tarot Master & Numerologist.
  • “IBN7”  Channel, Mumbai 2011 as a Numerologist, Predictions on Unique Dates – 11-11-2011.
  • “Aajtak”  Channel, Mumbai 2011 as a Numerologist, Predictions on Unique Dates – 11-11-2011.
  • “Headlines Today” Channel, Mumbai 2011 as a Numerologist, Predictions on Unique Dates – 11-11-2011.
  • “Star Majha”  Channel, Mumbai 2010 as a Tarot Reader – Predictions on FIFA WORLD CUP.
  • “IBN7”  Channel, Mumbai 2009 as a Numerologist – Predictions On Lok Sabha Elections.



  • Judged & Crowned the winners of the Grand Finale of Miss & Mrs. ‘TIARA INDIA’  2017 held at Ravindra Natya Auditorium, Dadar.
  • Judged the Mega Auditions of Miss & Mrs. ‘TIARA INDIA’  2016 held at Satkar Grande, Thane
  • Judged & Crowned the winners of the Grand Finale of ‘ADORABLE PRINCE & PRINCESS’ Kids Fashion Show 2016 held at Vishnudas Bhave natyagruha, Navi Mumbai.
  • Judged & Crowned the winner of the Grand Finale of  ‘MISS NAVI MUMBAI’ 2016 held at Vishnudas Bhave natyagruha, Navi Mumbai.
  • Judged & Crowned 1st Runner up of the Grand Finale of ‘PERFECT MISS INDIA’ 2015, held at St. Andrews, Mumbai.


Other than being a popular media psychic reader, Dr. Jyoti writes Monthly Tarot Predictions for “JNICSR Times” Magazine & Fortnightly Tarot Predictions for “SAMVAAD SINDHI” Newspaper. She has written Weekly Numerology predictions for ‘THE HINDVASI’ Newspaper. She has constantly been conducting reading sessions for Corporates, Banks, Colleges, Malls, at Wedding functions, Private parties, etc. in India and Abroad. She had also participated in ‘The first Psychic Fair’ presented by The Times Of India in Mumbai in 2009. Her Predictions, Articles and interviews have been featured in various Magazines, Newspapers and Online Sites. To name a few:

Magazines :

JNICSR Times, Perfect Woman Fashion & Lifestyle,  Model Craft,  Lafiesta,  Fashion You Intimate,  Ishma,  Bollywood & Tv Reporter,  Films Today,  Film&tv,  Combine Artist Association, etc.

Newspapers :

The Times of India – Bombay Times, Heritage Express,  Mumbai Global,  Samvaad Sindhi,  The Hindvasi,  Raftaar Hindustan Ki,  Thane Style Press,  Dil E Sindh, The Asian Chronicle, Leader Express, Build India News, Bharat Nirman Publication etc.

Online Sites :

Samata Welcomes You, BMS.co.in, Starlive24.com, indiacafe24.com, wearethecity.in, smartindianwomen.com, IndiaMirrorsNews, PahliKiran, DelhiTopnews , IDEAPRENEURINDIA.COM , etc.


Dr.Jyoti provides Tarot & Numerology consultation in person, over telephone and on email. She also conducts Tarot, Numerology & Reiki classes.





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