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Dr Jyoti Jhangiani, Ph.D Tarot & Healings, Common Wealth Vocational University, WMA-USA Certified Tarot Master Instructor, Professional Tarot Master Consultant, Certified Reiki Grand Master & Professional Numerologist

Tarot Card Reading ~ Numerology ~ Reiki

WMA-USA Certified Tarot Master Instructor, Professional Tarot Master Consultant, Certified Reiki Grand Master & Numerologist



Dr Jyoti Jhangiani is one of the most known Tarot card reader, Numerologist and Reiki healer. She has predicted many things about my future and I feel very positive about it.
I wish her all the best and I am sure she will do very well in future too.

Anup Jalota
Padmashree Bhajan Samrat

Ananya Khare
Bollywood & Tv Actress
Dr Jyoti Jhangiani is a Versatile Tarot Card Reader and good quality work she is doing. I have been publishing her fortnightly Tarot Predictions and other achievements since many years in my newspaper "SAMVAAD SINDHI". I wish her all the success in her life...!
Shrikant Bhatia
Samvaad Sindhi Newspaper
Chief Editor, Delhi
Jyoti's a great friend , a lively-lovely person with a gorgeous soul inside .

And Only those who have been blessed with the power of great 'sensing' & 'healing touch' can have their predictions & readings accurate as a Tarot Expert or generally in life too !

I wish all the best to her personally & professionally &  with love , compassion , prosperity with greatest of healths with God's blessings in abundance.

Love & Cheers
Aman Trikha
Bollywood Playback Singer / Performer


I would recommend Jyoti Jhangiani Tarot Master. She is reliable and easy to work with. I have noticed, I approach my life with more positivity after my reading with her.

Warm Regards
Bobby Bedii
Bollywood Actor


My experience with Jyoti ji has always been great. I met her in 2009 at the studio of IBN 7 channel, where she was invited for live interview – discussion on Numerology. Her communication skill and the method of explaining numbers are very amazing. She remains positive all the time and that adds more beauty to her talent. I also got my reading done and the outcome was unbelievable. She is an enlightened soul who helps, guides and makes u believe in urself so that u gain the power to walk through the difficult tunnels of life. She has to move ahead in her career and life and my best wishes are with her..

Manoj Chandelia
Sr. Correspondent
Bhaskar News


When I met Jyoti Jhangiani Ji and came to know about her mastery in Tarot card reading, I immediately decided to have a tarot session with her and believe me, it was my life’s first wonderful tarot experience with her which was not only interesting but also useful. Since then I have decided that I will always get my tarot readings done from her only.
Good Luck Jyoti Ji for your amazing predictions!!

Dr. Gurumukh Jagwani
State Minister


I met Dr Jyoti on Singapore cruise through a common friend but was not willing to believe in Reiki therapy. My view changed suddenly. In Bangkok I convinced myself to go on one of the land trip. After getting out of bus I felt miserable due to breathing problem along with muscle pain in both the legs. So had to sit down near bus till all the passengers came back after sightseeing. Suddenly Dr Jyoti Jhangiani came to my rescue. Dr Jyoti was very professional and asked for my permission to be treated .Unwillingly I gave her my OK since there was no other choice. Dr Jyoti started working on me in her expert way. To my biggest surprise I started feeling better in 15 to 20 minutes but she continued for 30 to 40 minutes. I sat up and then stood up and to my ship and room.

I thank Jyoti from bottom of my heart for making me believe and trust in other way of treatment. I wish her best of everything in her professional and personal life.

Dr Indra Rastogi.
M.D. - USA



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